Mangrove Jack

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Tips for Mangrove Jacks

Mangrove Jack are prevalent all along the east coast to down around Sydney ( Isolated captures )

In SE Qld they are not in huge numbers as is the case up north, however the size of the fish seems to be significantly larger in SE Qld than up north. Jack frequent rough terrain, such as rocks, sunken trees etc and sit in the slip stream behind an object, waiting for a bait fish to come by in the current. It is then that the Jack will dart out and slam the unsuspecting bait fish.

Best baits for Jacks is live bait, weather it be a poddy mullet, herring, silver biddy or a glassy. They will take dead baits on occasions however.

Once again, we use the two hook snell rig. This is one of the most versatile rigs I have known & we use it for several species in one form or another.

It is simply a trace of around 60cm or so, with two hooks matched to the size of bait that you are using. We prefer chemically sharpened hooks in charcoal colour. We also use a sink above the swivel, the sinker size is determined by the size of the bait and also the current flow. We prefer to use a sinker that just holds the fish in place, not anchor it down to the bottom.

We fish with our reels in fee spool so the fish can run & swallow the bait. You miss a few, but this method seems to produce more fish than a hard drag setting.

When fishing for Jacks it is all about structure, if you fish structure you stand a good chance of getting a Jack.

The bottom hook is put in just after the start of the rear dorsal fin, the top hook is passed through the top of the mouth, not through the jaw.

This is a typical Jack haunt. Plenty of rock and debris to sit behind. Many a good Jack has been pulled from here.


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