Landbased Livewell

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Land Based Live Well

A lot of people chase big fish from the numerous banks and shores that can be found in SE Queensland. After finding out the hard way, they keeping 20 to 30 live baits alive for up to 7 hours can be a hard task, unless you are wanting to change water every 15 min's. Another factor is that we have some fickle fish that die at the drop of a hat, unless kept in a well aerated live well. For the most part the tank is used to hold Garfish, Mullet, Herring, Glassies, Silver Biddies and Bony Bream.

The list of items you will need are simple and the overall cost is really insignificant, compared to the advantage and increased chance to hooking into a big one.

Items Required

  • 40L Bucket with screw lid.
  • 1 x 1in skin fitting.
  • 1 x 3/4in skin fitting.
  • Length of corugated hose.
  • 500gph bilge pump.
  • Rectangle plastic bucket.
  • 12v bike battery or similar.
This is the 40L bucket as used for the bait tank. It has a screw on lid, as push on lids can not cope with the water pressure & simply pop off, spilling water and bait everywhere.

You will notice the 2 skin fittings, 3/4in in the lid and a 1in out the side as the outlet or overflow.

This is the bucket and pump assembly. The square bucket gives enough room for the pump to be glued to the bottom, with free access to the water. You can see the holes drilled into the bucket to allow the water in. We simply put the bucket in the shallows where we are fishing and put some rocks in it to keep it down. You can see the corrugated black hose that is used, so the hose will not kink & restrict water flow.
The whole assembly. When not in use the whole lot fits in the bucket for easy storage. Both the hose and lead are around 4m long, so the bucket can be some distance from the pump. We use a 12v Jetski battery as they are small, you can easily use a motor cycle battery or similar.

This system will keep bait alive almost indefinitely for a nights fishing. No need to worry about changing the water or our baits dying.

Or future plans for this system next year, will include a timer that can be adjusted to turn the pump on and off at regular intervals. I've got the cct, just got to build it. This will allow us to conserve the battery so we can run fluro lights off it.

If using off the beach or where the water is not suited to using a pump, it is back to the old change the water routine. At least using a 40l bucket filled with water will keep a heap of livies alive for a nights fishing. Alternatively you could install a bilge system inside the bucket so the water is reticulated & aerated.
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