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Seaway holds planty of estuary species including mulloway, mangrove jack and queenfish. This is the main port on the Gold Coast and offers excellent fishing within close proximity to land. Marlin are encountered within 2km of land when in season. Out to the 24 fathom line you will encounter mackerel, wahoo and marlin in summer. In winter huge cobia and squire frequent this area. Tallebudgera Creek is a medium size estuary that holds everything from bass in its upper regions to mulloway and mangrove jack in its lower portions. The most well known reef on the Gold Coast. In summer spotted and spanish mackerel school here. From the 36 fathom line and beyond it is basically a question of what you would like to catch. The size of your catch is generally limited to how big a bait you use! Anything goes out here. Currumbin is a medium sized estuary that also holds all the normal estuary species. Tweed heads is a large estuary. It holds bass in its upper reaches and plenty of bream, flathead and whiting throughout. In the lower reaches mangrove jack, trevally and queenfish frequent. Along the walls at the mouth mulloway are a regular catch. The reefs outside provide some excellent fishing, however caution should be taken when crossing Teed bar and also when navigating the surrounding area as there are numerous shallow bombora's that are several miles from shore and do break frequently!

Tallebudgera Creek. Looking back towards the Gold coast Hwy bridge. The creek holds excellent numbers of fish ranging from Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Luderick to the sort after Mangrove Jack. Jewfish, Queenfish,Trevally all inhabit this area as well. Fly fisherman have the opportunity to target Tarpon and Giant Herring in the upper reaches and canals. .
Bull sharks are also present in the creek. The creek offers excellent fishing for both boat and bank anglers.The bar is not a safe passage for boats with Currumbin being the preferred exit point


Many of the land locked lake systems on the Gold coast are feed off main rivers and creeks to provide a haven for aquatic life. Lakes such as this one, hold species such as Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Tarpon, Giant Herring, Giant Trevally, Big Eye Trevally, Mullet, Mangrove Jacks, Queenfish, Mud crabs. The lakes are often tidal, but not to the extent as their main water source.
Many of these type locations are over looked as a good place to fish & their contents is a often well guarded secret.

Kirra and surrounding beach suburbs provide excellent opportunity for beach fishing. You can see in the photo here that there is a good gutter in close, the open end of the gutter ( not shown ) would be the perfect place for fishing for Tailor & Jew. You can see the dark patches in the water, this is reef and it holds good volumes of bait fish all year round.

The Tweed area hold excellent fishing prospects. The North and South wall of the Tweed river are good land based locations for those fishing for Bream & Flathead etc. Jew, Jacks and Trevally are also taken. Snapper rocks can be fished in a small swell and you can hook up on pelagic's such as Tuna and Bonito, as well as Tailor. The pylons of the sand pumping jetty hold Dart, Tailor, Whiting, Flathead and Bream. The offshore reefs of the Tweed are accessible from the Tweed river, however extreme caution should be used, especially when using the bar on a run out tide.
Large pressure waves build up and can be dangerous to navigate. The sand in this shot near Snapper rocks and Point danger has almost disappeared at the moment. Allowing green water to break right onto the rocks. This means there is deep water not to far out from them.

Currumbin Bar Pine Lake Pine Lake in Elanora is fed off Currumbin Creek via a small canal. The lake is tidal, however the volume is restricted significantly and as such the tidal movements are many hours behind advertised tide times. Just about the whole lake is accessible to land based anglers. You can park at the Pine shopping centre and walk most of the foreshores of the lake uninterrupted or there are several reserves that offer access. The lake holds mullet and herring, further to these bait fish is also Mangrove Jack, Trevally, Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Jew, Queenfish and crabs.

Pine Lake Currumbin Creek Lake fed via weir off Currumbin Creek Another view of Pine Lake and also of a locked lake off Currumbin creek. The locked lake is fed via a weir and holds all the fish mentioned above. Access is more restricted. You can get to the lake from the creek foreshore of via the several lane ways that lead to the lake. In the is shot you can see Currumbin creek more clearly. There are many sandy areas along the river that give access to the water. Also the several bridges that provide excellent structure.

Pines Shopping Centre In this image you can actually see the car park of the Pines Shopping Centre.

You then have access to most of the lakes foreshore.

Burleigh Heads The foreshore of Tallebudgera creek is easily accessible. For almost its entire length the estuary is either park or sandy beach. The road bridge is the most popular spot, however the groins of the creek fish well, when the silt build up is not too bad. Fishing the deeper channels, drop offs and canal bridges yield the best fish.

Lagoon Laguna Lake Currumbin creek is only a stones throw south of Tallebudgera creek. Currumbin has a lot more development along its foreshore, however a great deal of it is accessible. The Lagoon fishes well for whiting and sand crabs when in season. The groin is in shallow water & is not really worth fishing. Several bridges provide structure. Another option is Laguna Lake.
Tweed Heads Bar Chinderah Bay Dog Bay Trutes Bay Charles Bay Tweed river is a huge estuary. It holds all species of fish and crabs. The upper reaches hold Bass. Fish along any of the rockwalls or mangrove banks for bream, flathead, and mangrove jack. The deeper holes and channels hold jew. Towards the mouth travelly are caught as well as the normal estuary species. You need a licence to fish Tweed river as it is NSW waters.
Labrador Seaworld The infamous Gold Coast Seaway is the most used waterway on the Goldcoast. Drift any of the many sand banks for flathead. Weedbeds for Garfish, crabs and squid. The Seaway walls are home to mangrove jack, jewfish and trevally. You can also see the many canal estates, these hold excellent numbers of bream, flathead, mangrove jacks just to name a few.
Jumpinpin Bar Crusoe Is Kangaroo Is Eden Is Tabby Tabby Is Short Is Cobby Cobby Is Woogoompah Is South Stradbroke Is Swan Bay North Stradbroke Is North Stradbroke Is Jumpinpin bar is very damgerous. But the many creeks and channels hold the biggest and badest flathead on the Gold Coast. Jew, bream, mangrove jack and crabs are all caught in good numbers as well. The sky is the limit in this place. One word of warning though, MIDGIES!!!!!


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