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Tips for Snapper

Snapper would have to be one of the most targeted & sort after fish in the sea. They fight hard & taste great. Up here on the Gold coast Snapper season usually starts from around June and runs to October. For the most part the fish are around the 1 - 3kg mark usually, however once you know where to look & the techniques required "BIG RED" is not too far away. As always there are several different methods used which depend on conditions & time of year. Below if a good all year round rig that catches many a fish.
The rig above is a good all round rig that we use for Snapper. Hooks are a personal choice. We use chemically sharpened hooks as well as the normal Mustad range. Usually in the 5/0 - 8/0 range. We use the locked half blood knot to attach the hook. Depending of current & depth we sometimes have a sinker on there as well. We always run a trace of around 40cm, using the main line as the trace line.

The rig above shows how the bait is rigged. In this case it is a pilchard, but you can use this rig for strip baits as well. The hook is fed through the mouth & out the gills. It is the set with the point out in the rear of the fish.

We prefer to sit at anchor & berly so the fish come to us. We also try to use as little as weight as possible so the fish wafts down through the water column. We leave the bail arm open so line can come off the reel at its own pace. Once you get a strike there is no missing it as line fly's off the reel Simply flick the bail arm over & the fish will hook itself.


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