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Squid are caught along the Gold coast mostly on the close in reefs and also near the weed beds at the mouths of the creeks and rivers. Most of my experience in catching squid has been outside. They are easy to catch however you must be patient and realise that if you target them directly they are few and far between. Almost all of our encounters with squid are involved while live baiting outside. We will see our rod bouncing around with our livey and you know straight away a squid has taken a liking to your bait. Slowly retrieve the bait when this happens, if the squid lets go on the way up, stop winding immediately, 99% of the time the squid will come straight back. Once you have the squid on the surface, the trick is to get it close enough to net or grab, if it keeps on letting go, then plan B will have to be instigated. Plan B is the squid jig. Once the squid has latched back onto the bait which should be the case if you lowered the bait back down into the water, throw the squid jig out, now continue to bring the squid in, if the squid lets go once on the surface, start working the squid jig, the squid should hammer it almost straight away.

You now have the squid hooked & should be able to land it without fear of loosing it. Watch out for the ink!

Other locations where squid are caught is the marine stadium near the Spit boat ramp and also the weed beds around Wave Break Island.

If not handled with care, you could end up like this!



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